Oasis - About Us
Mission Statement
The Oasis, a justice ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, works for the reconciliation of persons of all sexual identities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
What does it mean to be a welcoming and affirming congregation?
To be an affirming congregation means much more than to be silently accepting. It requires signs that show TBLG people that you are an affirming congregation, such as by displaying rainbow flags or including your church name in the Oasis list of welcoming and affirming churches. Being a welcoming and affirming congregation means real, honest and open welcoming of TBLG individuals and couples, and the strength and courage to engage in discussion about TBLG issues.
Where does the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan stand?
"All people are children of God and are to be afforded the respect and dignity that follows from being one of God's own. What matters, (vis à vis a person's sexual preference or gender identification) is that, as Christians, we are called to witness to the awesome power of God's love. We must act out of a love that transcends all boundaries and barriers; a love that carries no conditions or requirements; a love that comes from God and returns to God by the way we treat one another. God's love is not politically motivated or issue focused. Rather, God's love simply is. God's love happens, and we are called to go where God happens."

–The Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr.
10th Bishop of the Diocese of Michigan
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