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The Gay Christian Network
A nonprofit organization providing resources and support to Christians who happen to be transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay. Works with churches and other Christian organizations to help educate the Christian community about sexual orientation issues from a Biblical standpoint. Excellent message boards.

An inclusive, ecumenical Christian outreach to TBLGQ Christians, friends and family. This ministry emerged from the publication of TruthSetsFree.net founder Justin R. Cannon's booklet: The Bible, Christianity and Homosexuality. The booklet is an excellent resource regarding the Bible's stance on human sexuality.

A website dedicated to ministering to the lesbian and gay Christian community (TBLG) and their friends. Features one of the largest lesbian and gay welcoming Christian church directories and bulletin boards in the world. Excellent place to find TBLG-friendly churches across the globe.
The Oasis
LGBTi ministry of the archdiocese of Newark. Contains links to other Oasis ministries in the United States.

A nonprofit organization of transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay (TBLG) Episcopalians and their straight friends. A leading grassroots voice for the full inclusion of TBLG persons in the Episcopal Church and equal access to its rites.
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